What is MoE HPDE?

Motorsports Enthusiasts HPDE ( MoE HPDE ) was founded because we as drivers are frustrated with the rigid, and sometimes xenophobic atmosphere that most clubs offer. MoE HPDE is an organization geared towards the Novice to Advanced driver, who wants to build more seat time in a relaxed and fun driving environment. Less regimented than most clubs, our focus is on maximizing track time & density to hone our skills, and all of our members are individually vetted for experience to ensure they have the skills necessary to maintain a fast but safe pace in their selected group.

What should I expect on track day?

Each day consists of six, 20 min sessions, with passing via point-by. Club Members and their rides are as diverse as they come, with everything from bone stock street cars to tube-framed, full blown race cars. We always maintain a very low track density. No frustrating trains, no wasting an entire session weaving through crowds of cars.

Where is the schedule of events and how do I register?

If you are qualified, getting on track with us is easy. All of our registrations are handled through, so hit the link to see our full schedule and pricing. A season pass which includes unrestricted access to all our events is available. For the full schedule and to purchase memberships, click the image below…

MotorsportReg logo

What does a Membership Get me?

There are several different membership levels, from Standard to a Season Pass that gets you all our dates for one low price. We can also give you your own private group for you and your closest friends! Check out our Membership Sales Page on MotorsportReg for more info:

Track Day Info & FAQ

How do I get cleared to drive?

Simply email with a brief description of your driving experience in the past 2 years. Only closed road course experience is accepted. We do not count AutoCross, Go-Karting, or Motorcycle experience. If you have no experience, that’s fine, we now accept NOVICE drivers!

How many sessions do I get?

A typical track day consists of 3-4 groups getting six, 20 min sessions each. There is the possibility that we could lose a session due to on-track incidents or other stoppages, but we may also gain a session by combining groups later in the day.

MoE HPDE member cars
Check out some of our photos from our 2018 season’s events at New Jersey Motorsports Park provided by the SB Image.

What tracks do you run?

We only run at New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJMP) located in Millville, NJ. We may expand to other tracks in the future.


What do I need to do to prep my car?

Not much, just make sure you have fresh brake pads and tires, fluids are topped and clean, and you have a SNELL 2010 or better helmet. Legible numbers at least 8” high must be displayed on both sides of the car, blue painters tape is fine. You must also bring a completed TECH FORM (Click for link to downloadable PDF). If you have race harnesses, they must be up to date. FIA harnesses are good until the end of the year that is stamped on the tag. All other harnesses expire 2 years after their “Born On” date. Harnesses without any tags will not be accepted.

What are the passing rules?

Passing is by point. Details will be discussed at the driver’s meeting.

Can I take an instructor?

You are free to bring along a certified instructor of your own. If you need an instructor, or you’d like to bring your own, Please email to get cleared to drive.

What is the schedule for the day?

Tech opens at 7:30 AM and closes at 8:00 AM. If you are not in the tech line by 8:00, you may miss your first session. Driver’s meeting is at 8:30, and is mandatory. We are on track at 9:00 AM and run until 6:00 PM. We may or may not break for lunch, and the final schedule will be covered at the drivers meeting.

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