4-Pack Terms & Conditions 2020

What you get

  •  4 event days for one low price 
  •  Includes the $99 Standard Membership
  •  Choose as you go, no need to pick days when you purchase 
  •  Days are not transferable, and they must be used in 2020
  •  Cancellation insurance included, $30/day fee only if you cancel 
  •  Register outside 7 days to avoid the late fee ($55) 
  •  Access to special deals and promotions 
  •  Access to our Commercial Grade Driving Simulator 

Late Fees

There is no need to pick all 4 days when you purchase, you can choose them as the season progresses, one at a time . If you pick a day that is inside 7 days to the event start, you will be assessed a $55 late registration fee. The day will not be booked until this fee is paid.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel the registration for any of your dates as long as you do it by 9AM EDT on the date of the event. All cancellations must be made either in person, or via email to moe@moehpde.com . When you cancel, you will be invoiced a $30 cancellation fee. The day you used for registration will be returned to your account once this fee is paid. If you have a mechanical failure that falls within the guidelines of our CANCELLATION POLICY, the day will be returned to your account, once the $30 cancellation fee is paid. Turning a wheel on track constitutes the use of a day.

Other Terms

  • Days can not be shared, transferred to another driver, or carried over to the next season.
  • Late fees and Cancellation fees will not be waived, credited, or refunded for any reason. If you do not want to be bothered with fees, then the SEASON PASS is the better choice for you .
  • Turning a wheel on track constitutes the use of a day.
  • The 4-Pack does not guarantee entry if an event is full.
  • Includes the $99 Standard Membership, so when you use your 4 days, any days you purchase after are billed at the member rate.

What we get

Sale Price: $1099

Payable via Credit Card, Check, or E-Check

Email moe@moehpde.com to be invoiced